The Welsh Songbird’s favourite suppliers: Vikki Kelly Photography

So, before I begin writing about the wonderful, Vikki Kelly photography, I just want to take an opportunity to explain why I'm writing about other people on my blog. The wedding industry is SO full that it can sometimes be difficult for couples to find THEIR right fit. That is what it is all about - the suppliers I will introduce you to on my blog are not the ONLY awesome people working out there, but I felt a bond with my chosen few so perhaps you will too!

Probably the first day of Spring shared with Vikki Kelly

Vikki and I spent a wonderful day talking about weddings and being working Mums. First of all, let me start by describing Vikki to you. She is kind, funny and super talented. She is the first to pick on her flaws and the last to realise how awesome she is. Vikki is super interesting to be around - she has been to some amazing places when she went travelling.

So, what makes Vikki Kelly Photography special? When you book a photographer, you are really buying them. Their talent; their intuition; their creativity. Vikki excels at 'compassionately telling your day'. When I asked Vikki 'Why should couples book you?', she really thought about it and said that she really, genuinely cares about her couples' day and prides herself in being able to bring out the couples personality and take the photographs that they want. Her photography is romantic, personal, natural and unobtrusive. She says

'I love my job. I have been photographing weddings for 8 years and have been a professional portrait photographer for a further 10 years. I have a degree in Photography. I love being able to capture special moments for couples. My job is to be there when you need me, at that special moment and also to be in the background capturing the day as a whole.'

Some of Vikki's favourite weddings

Caron and Ben, Hyde Barn, Sept 2017

Vikki Kelly Photography

"A really friendly couple and we got on so well together.  They had the perfect weather and every shot just seemed to work for them. I left on such a high and loved putting their images together for them."

Holly and Keir. Manor by the Lake, Feb 2018

Vikki Kelly Photography

"Again a really friendly couple and we just clicked.  They had an awesome bunch of people with them who were such a laugh.  Everything I suggested they thought was great and went along with it, even offering more picture ideas.  Their mini MP4 slide show had me in tears: their images were so heart felt."

Nikki and Chris, Barn at Berkeley, Oct 2017

Vikki Kelly Photography

"One totally up for it bride and a scaredy cat of a groom.  Nikki was well up for the death slide in her wedding dress and Chris was so scared; had me in stitches! When I asked Nikky, "Are you worried about your dress?", she said "I'm only going to wear it once but these images are for a life time."  Such a happy lovely couple."

Rhiannon & Dave, Cripps Barn, April 2017.

Vikki Kelly Photography

"Rhi was late for the wedding and was so scared the registrar would leave. My heart went out to her when I saw the look on her face when she arrived at the Barn. Once in the barn, everything ran beautifully and she had the best day. But I will never forget how she felt when she arrived."

Get to know your supplier: THIS or THAT QUIZ

While meandering around Cheltenham, I asked Vikki the following 'essential' questions:

Winter or Summer? Winter

Coffee or Tea? Coffee.

Tattoos or Piercings? (After some deliberation) Piercings.

Matching or Mismatched socks? Matching.

Bright or Neutral colours? Bright (which doesn't surprise me given her sparkly personality)

Cinema or Theatre? Cinema.

Sweet or Savoury? Savoury (She loves her cheese... well done Vikki!)

Dogs or Cats? Dogs.

Time machine or Magic wand? Magic Wand.

Wine or beer? Wine (although Vikki did say she would have struggled more if the question had been 'Wine or Gin?')

Inside or Outside? Inside.

Heels or Flats? Heels.

Roses or Wildflowers? Roses.

Smile or Game Face? Smile.

Thanks for a lovely chat and my wonderful photographs Vikki.

Finally, a word from Vikki -  when I asked her 'What tip or hint would you give couples looking to book a wedding photographer?'

"Follow your gut. Meet your photographer before hand - Are they the type of person you feel comfortable to be around on your special day."

Book Vikki Kelly Photography today people - she is just awesome and totally the type of professional you want to spend time with on your most special day!